Eiko Ishioka´s Mirror Mirror (2012)

You should know Eiko Ishioka´s work from the movie “Bram Stoker´s Dracula” (1992), or at least i hope you do, she actually won the Oscar for the Best Costume Design in 1993 for that movie.

“Bram Stoker´s Dracula” (1992) has one of the most amazing costume designs of all time. Well duh… it was made by one of the most famous costume designers of our time and i dare to say, one of the best in history.

Eiko Ishioka is my personal favourite Costume Designer, i love her work, she had such a master mind. She was born on July 12 of 1938 (funny… i was born in July 12 of 1989) in Japan and she died in January 21 of 2012 in Tokyo.

“Mirror Mirror” (2012) Was the last film she made before she died. I was really sad when she died, i do think she made the world better in a way, i know it made mine better.

On my Intro i said that “Mirror Mirror” changed my life, and it did, i will try my best to explain why.

This is the first looks we see Snow White wear in this movie:

Mirror Mirror. Lily CollinsMirror Mirror Lily Collins

First of all, what you can see is that this look is basically all Yellow! It is not an easy color to wear or use in the making of a dress, but i fell in love with it right away, not in the way you fall in love with an Ellie Saab´s gown, it´s a different kind of love, a love that makes you believe that you can actually see all your dreams take life.

I fell in love with Snow White in that moment, it didn´t matter that she wasn´t one of may favorite Disney princesses, didn´t matter if the actress was good or bad, all that mattered to me was that beautiful gown and the yellow hood.

I was hooked! I couldnt wait to see what she was gonna wear next! In this movie there is a scene of a dance, kind of themed ball, where all the guests came in couples and they were supposed to be animals, believe me when i tell you that EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE in this scene wore an amazing costume. To my surprise, it was the Evil Queen´s dress that blew my mind in this part of the movie! She was suppossed to be a peacock:

Mirror Mirror- Julia Roberts

Eiko Ishioka made this scene so the only thing that you see is the Evil Queen, i had to watch this movie twice to notice all the details and awesome headware used by the “guests” in these scene.

The Evil Queen wore a red and white peacock dress, this was a beautiful scene, the colors in the scene were perfectly balancedby the designer. And the details on the dress were magnificent, the feathers and the embroidery were flawless.

I won´t show you every costume that i loved in this movie because i would have to upload the entire movie, and i dont think it would be practical. But everytime i used to think of Snow White, my mind took me directly to the Disney movie. Thanks to this dress, my mind never takes me there anymore:


Can you see the gigantic bow on the back of the dress? I´ve never seen orange and blue used together so beautifully. All the details in this dress are impecable, i can assure that it´s the best Snow White´s costume i have ever seen!

This movie is filled with bold and daring colors, we can see that the costume designer wasn´t afraid of using flashy colors and enormous headgear. It is a fantasy movie based on one of the Grimm´s Brothers tales, it should have color, it should emanate life, it should be everything you have ever imagined.

To me Eiko Ishioka sends a clear message, that is reflected on all the work she has ever made :”Either go BIG or go HOME”.

Anyway, i will write more about her work, and of the work of many great costume designers.

I hope that everyone sees this movie. Eiko Ishioka´s “Mirror Mirror” is definitely worth watching!!



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