Penny Rose´s “47 Ronin” (2013)

You´ve seen Penny Rose´s work in the first 3 movies of Pirates of the Caribbean, she is responsible for dressing the amazing Jack Sparrow, and yes those movies had an awesome costume design, alongside with beautiful music and great director. But today i want to talk about another movie she made that left me completely speachless.

I really hope that you saw “47 Ronin” (2013), i went to see this movie because it promised agood story, fantasy, and amazing special effects, but to tell you the truth i wasn´t expecting such magnificent Costume Design. I was happy to be proven wrong!

When i was little i watched all kinds of anime, and always loved the part when cherry blossoms fell into a scene of love making it impossible for one not to feel in love. All those kimonos with such colors that made you wish you had one, i remember wanting to take a walk in the gardens with pink trees. With “47 Ronin” all of it felt real and alive.

This movie takes place in Feudal Japan, where samurais lived to protect their masters. When the master of Ako is murdered, 47 samurai set out to avenge him.

Penny Rose created a world that easily absorbs you, filled with vibrant colors and kimmonos so beautiflly made that you really want to live in that time and place. You can differentiate light and darkness, good and evil by the simple use of color.

You can see purple, black and green were used for the bad guys and gold an red for the good guys. In this movie 998 costumes and 400 suits of armor were made.

31530-47-ronin-47-ronin-wallpaper images zrtn_021n1b60057d_tncarytagawa_47ronin-shogun2

In the subject of Mika´s charcater, my personal favourite, the costume designer took influences from Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior in the making of the Kimonos, as we can see they weren´t the classic authentic Japanese kimono, the silohuette and figure were changed a bit so that they looked more fantasy and fashionable, witch was so refreshing.

Mika´s colors were always pale peaches, pale apricots, to sum up pale colors all in silk satin to enhance her purity and her goodness. The colors in some of the kimonos resemble the colors of a cherry tree, they try to express the wealth and happiness that lived in the town of Ako.

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I really need you to see this movie, to pay good attention to the costume because it is work of genius!! To admire the locations as well as everything else. This is a beautiful movie to see!



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