Anna B. Sheppard´s “Maleficent” (2014)

There is something you should know about me, i am a Disney fan, i grew up with all of the Disney princesses and i still own the movies, all of them!! So it´s not a surprise that i liked this movie in particular.

Maleficent was my favourite villain growing up, and when i found out that Angelina Jolie was going to be Maleficent, i was dancing with joy, she was so perfect for the part, it was like she was born to play her!!

You Know Anna B. Sheppard from her work in “Schindler´s List” (1993), the costume design of that movie was nominated for an Oscar. But as amazing as it was, i won´t talk about “Schindler´s List” today.

You know when you grow up, and you are watching “Sleeping Beauty” (1959) wondering what Maleficent would look in real life? Well Anna B. Sheppard was kind enough to enlighten us!


Isn´t she magnificent!!! I mean she is identical to the Disney´s “Sleeping Beauty” (1959) Maleficent.

The master mind behind the making of Maleficent´s character in the 1959 animated film was Marc Davis, who is credited with Maleficent’s horns and her elegant style. So the costume designers had to stay loyal to that iconic evil figure created many years ago in 1959. That is why, in the “Maleficent” movie, Angelina Jolie wore a lot of capes, the long and magical cane, her loyal crow and of course the peaked collars.

The christening scene in the Disney´s movie, where Maleficent enters Stephan´s castle to curse little Aurora, was imitated perfectly by Robert Stromberg (director), everything was so carefuly made, the chandeliers moving in the ceiling, the sudden darkness, Maleficent´s horns advancing trough the people. I love it when a director takes such good care of detail, because they make you love the movie even more.

Anna B. Sheppard did not work alone for this film, as a matter of fact, there was a team of designers, each member of this team had a different specialty, and they were all hand picked by Angelina Jolie herself. The team consisted in Anna B. Sheppard (of course), Manuel Albarran, who is known for his leather, corsetry and metal works. Justin Smith, an amazing hat maker (responsible for making Maleficent´s horns beautiful) and Rob Goodwin.

The costume designers took inspiration from the Disney film, the 15th century to the Renaissance period of French and Italian art and Alexander McQueen, to name a few.

The costume had to be amazing, when there is a team of super talented designers, working specifically to make an iconic and amazing character, the clear result has to be perfection, every detail, every color and fabric were carefully tought of. Nothing felt out of place nor unbalanced.

One of the most beautiful things in this movie are the head pieces. Even when i don´t really aprove of the use of snake skin, fur, feathers or any kind of animal skin used in the amking of clothing i have to admit, the head pieces and accesories were incredible.

The head pieces were made from many diferent materials such as python skin, fish skin, fine leather, and many more. There were pieces that corresponded with the seasons, this made Maleficent look savage in each scene but never substarcting her natural elegance.


Manuel Albarran was responisble for the accesories worn by Maleficent in the movie.

The accesories were animal skeleton rings, claw bracelets and feathered shoulder pieces. Precious stones, crystals, leather, bits of bone, teeth and even some human hair were used in the making of Maleficent´s costume.

They took into consideration the accesories worn in the animated film and made them a bit more modern. They added more jewelry, and put some of it on the horns and the head wraps.

The shoulder pieces were really important, they made us believe that Maleficent actually uses elements of the nature around her to dress herself. There was a shoulder piece made from duck feathers attached to a bone spine, another seemed to be made out of fangs and another made of bones and feathers.

maleficent-collar costumes3 disney-maleficent-costume-2

As you can see, this film had a gigantic production, and a great team working together to make it as awesome as it was. Afterwards there was a fashion line for children inspired in the movie, this line was designed by Stella McCartney and Angelina Jolie. Also MAC made a makeup line inspired in Maleficent, also shoes inspired by Maleficent were made by non other than Christian Loboutin.



If all this didn´t made you want to watch this movie, then nothing will!!




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