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Jacqueline Durran´s “Anna Karenina” (2012)

You probably know Jaqueline Durran from her work in “Atonement” (2007), who no one, in their right minds could ever forget that gorgeus green dress.

44401976 “Atonement” (2007)

Yes that movie had an awesome director and costume designer, which also worked together in the movie that i will talk about. The movie inspired in Leon Tolstoi´s Anna Karenina.

Tolstoi´s novel was published in 1877, it´s a critic against imperial Russia. Surely you know about Imeprial Russia, the poor were extremely poor and the rich were obscenely rich, this movie tells the tale about Anna Karenina, memeber of the aristocracy, who is envolved in a love scandal.

This movie is directed by Joe Wright and the Costume Designer and Oscar Winner Jaqueline Durran.

One of the things that i loved about this movie is that the whole film was set in a theatrical setting, the scenery moved as it changed from scene to scene, and actors elegantly moving in and out of each set.

It was absolutley refreshing to see a movie filmed this way, it´s an amazing way to mix theater and film.

no1Anna_Karenina_-2 Anna Karenina

Beside the beautiful settings, the costume was amazing, i mean Oscar Winner amazing. It was not a costume made 100% historically accurate, Jaqueline Durran mixed the silohuettes so it would look more stylish. So she looked up the 1950´s silhouette, and took inspiration from Christian Dior, Balenciaga and Lanvin from the Fifties and mixed it up with 1870´s couture. Of course Charles Frederick Worth also played and important part in the inspiration for the costume design of this movie.


The final result was a rare mix of 1870´s skirt shapes with 1950´s inspired bodices making a beautiful and creative new figure.

Anna Karenina, played by Keira Knightley, had to reflect the wealth and lifestyle aristocrats had in that time, so there was fur, and a grat deal of jewelry, mostly pearls and diamonds, all of the jewelry were authentic gorgeous Chanel pieces.


But let´s not forget the gorgeus male lead role Vronsky, played by Aaron Taylor Jhonson. Vronsky, Anna´s lover and an officer in a regiment of soldiers. It was always a universal fact that men in unifrom are hot, no matter what historical time we talk about, and this guy is definitely not the exception.

Most of the time he wore a series of minimalist, double-breasted wool coats in shades of pale blue, gray, and snow white. My personal favourite is the white one, this particular costume made him look elegant, classy, impecable and seductive all at the same time.


There is a scene where Anna Karenina and Vronsky dance at a party, her black dress and his white uniforme formed a beautiful balance, it is a scene so enchanting you literally can´t stop watching them dance.


I really recommend this movie, it is a visual delight. And i do hope you see it, because we rarely see this kind of creativity in film.